Webscreations FAMS Modules

This software helps establishing a computerized system for tracking and recording all fixed assets and generates statutory, business and control related standard and dynamic reports. It improves management of widely dispersed assets of an organization, resulting in better accounting practices, maintenance and upkeep of the assets.

The technology also has Tracking functionalities that run thorough physical inventories using an easy graphical step-by-step process. The program’s Planning solution allows flexible management of capital budgeting and construction-in-progress projects.

Asset Allocation/ Asset Returns

• Assign assets to employees.

• Accept assets returned by employees.

• Update assets returned on the system for allocation

• Send reminders for assets not returned

• Export assets allocated in CSV, EXCEL, PDF and PRINT

• Check date and time asset was last allocated.

• View documents related to that asset.

Asset Allocation
Check In-Check Out


Check-out / Check-in Feature enables the Asset Tracking System Users to assign due dates to loaned out equipment. The user receives alerts when upcoming due dates are close or are past due and automatically makes the asset available again upon check-in

✓ Check Out assets directly to employees.

✓ Print Check Out reports.

✓ Assign due date and notes

✓ Send reminders for assets not returned

✓ Check in assets issued out to employees.

What are the Key Benefits of a Check-In/Check-Out System?

A check-in/check-out system provides the cost saving benefits of:

✓ Accuracy – Maintain a complete record of where every asset is and who is responsible for it.

✓ Simplicity – Quickly process each transaction will a couple scans.

✓ Efficiency – Reduce the time required to locate items.

✓ Accountability – Hold each user responsible for all the items they have been assigned to.

Calculate Asset Depreciation

✓ Depreciation Feature allows the users of the Webscreations FAMS Solution to calculate the depreciation of assets based on business models and accounting methods.

✓ Users are able to configure the depreciation settings within the Asset Tracking System. They may choose exactly how they want to calculate the depreciation of assets and easily compare depreciation methods.

Supports these depreciation methods:

• Straight-line method

• Sum-of-years method

• Double decline method

Asset Depreciation

Asset Maintenance and Repairs

All assets usually require some level of maintenance service or repair. Many are also acquired with accompanying insurance or warranties. Webscreations Asset Management provides features enabling you to manage and track these asset attributes. Export reports in CSV, EXCEL, PDF or PRINT

Asset Maintenance and repairs

At various intervals, all assets require some degree of maintenance, such as routine mechanics for company vehicles or repainting an office or building. Scheduling and tracking this type of maintenance provides a more complete picture of the true costs and revenues associated with these assets.

Asset Repair Data Management

In addition to tracking physical information about asset maintenance, it is useful to track detailed financial information. Webscreations Fixed Asset Management enables you to track:

✓ How long an asset will be unavailable for use.

✓ Costs for labor and materials.

✓ Any other expenses that you may incur, such as rental of necessary replacement equipment.

Asset Warranty Management

Warranties can often lower the cost of repair and maintenance of your assets. Keep track of any warranties that you might have, which assets they cover, the period of coverage, the cost of the warranty, and so forth.

Manufacturers often warrant an asset, or part of an asset, using specific terms and indicating specific conditions. Such information is easily accessible to all employees in your organization who might be responsible for the physical aspects of asset management.

Asset Disposal

Asset disposal is the removal of a long-term asset from the company’s accounting records. It is an important concept because it primarily relates to the company’s capital assets that are essential to successful business operations. Moreover, the proper accounting of the disposal of an asset is critical to maintaining updated and clean accounting records.
The asset disposal may be a result of several events:

✓ An asset is fully depreciated and must be disposed of.
✓ As asset is sold at a gain/loss because it is no longer useful or needed.
✓ An asset must be disposed of due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., theft).

With Webscreations FAMS Disposal module you can :-
✓ Dispose and Asset
✓ Restore an Asset that’s has been disposed
✓ Export reports in CSV, EXCEL, PDF or PRINT

Fixed Asset Financials

You can be able to get below information at glance:-

✓ Asset Barcode Number
✓ Name of the Asset
✓ Supplier
✓ Purchased Amounts
✓ Repair Costs
✓ Depreciation Amount
✓ Assigned User
✓ Export reports in CSV, EXCEL, PDF or PRINT

Asset Financials

Asset Manager user roles

Webscreations FAMS contains a default set of rights that can be assigned to users for a specific role as they work within the system. Access to the different product workspaces is controlled by the roles/ rights that your user account is associated with. For an overview of available workspaces and the roles that can access them, see Workspaces defined.

Some of the features available
✓ Add User
✓ Edit User
✓ Delete User
✓ Bulk Import

Asset Tracking Report Reporting

Feature assists the user of the Webscreations FAMS to configure their own asset reports. This feature is adaptable to every business need and is designed to deliver real-time data to users. It also gives the capability to generate these reports according to the preference of the user.

Generate Report as per :-

✓ Asset Location

✓ Asset Department

✓ Asset Types

✓ Asset Category

✓ Warranty Status

✓ Asset Check in Check out

✓ Asset Depreciation

✓ Asset Allocation

✓ Asset by Technician

Asset Tracking Report

Audits and Audit Trail

Fixed asset audits also determine if your company is experiencing inordinate shrinkage. If losses form a pattern and are consistent across all assets, evaluating how your assets are assigned, moved, or stored should identify the weakness within your company’s asset management procedures, allowing you to address and correct those procedural gaps before your losses become too severe.

Authorize Scanner

This is a custom feature where the Webscreations FAMS system is linked to the mobile Android APP that has been linked with the system. For security purposes a Qr Code code is scanned to gain access to the system. Once logged in you can do the following with your android phone installed with the APK file.

✓ Scan the assets

✓ Check the assets in the system

✓ Add new assets

✓ Check in / check out assets

Asset Scanning